Organized Parents Are Completely Obsessed With This Ikea Product — and We Get Why

When you're a parent, the struggle to corral the constant overflow of toys, books, clothes, and anything else belonging to your kid is very real, but the solution could be as easy as a trip to Ikea. You may have noticed a trend in the most Instagram-worthy kids rooms, a common denominator linking these cute, clutter-free spaces: Ikea's Kallax Shelves. Starting as low as $46, the Kallax series offers more than a dozen shapes and sizes with even more ways to customize, making them ideal for whipping a nursery or kids room into shape. If you're considering snagging one of these affordable and versatile shelves for your own home, take a peek to see how these parents have used them. Trust us, you'll be penciling in an Ikea trip for the near future!