Working Moms Are Sharing the Dismal Places They've Pumped With #IPumpedHere

Breastfeeding a baby comes with its own set of unique challenges, but for those moms who head back to the workplace after giving birth, or hopefully, after a maternity leave, having to pump at work unfortunately adds another layer of issues for many mamas. One of the most challenging aspects of being a breastfeeding mom in the workplace in particular is potentially having to hunker down in a copy room, meeting room, break room, closet, or bathroom to pump during the work day, rather than a room designed exclusively for nursing mothers.

According to, "60 percent of working women don't have access to proper places to pump." The advocacy group is looking to change that statistic, so in honor of breastfeeding awareness month, it is encouraging working moms to share photos of the dismal, demeaning, and ridiculous spaces they've pumped in since going back to work using the hashtag #IPumpedHere on social media.