Jennifer Garner Knew She Was Pregnant With Her First Baby — Even After Her Doctor Denied It!

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When Jennifer Garner and Ellen DeGeneres get together to talk about, well, anything, you know it's going to be good. During the annual Mother's Day episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which Jennifer cohosted this year, the mom of three revealed details about her first pregnancy — namely, that she knew she was pregnant even when her doctor denied it! Motherly instincts . . . they're no joke.

Ellen asked what it was like to be pregnant with Violet, who's now 12, and Jennifer said, "I woke up up that morning and I just knew. And I peed on the stick and it was so faint. Those first few days it's so faint you can hardly tell." Jennifer called her doctor and asked if he could give her a "proper test" to confirm, and it turns out she had better judgment than he did. "He gave me one and said, 'You're not pregnant,'" she said. Jennifer's response was gold: "I was like yeah, I am. I'm telling you I am." Twelve years and two more kids later, Jennifer admitted she definitely doesn't use that doctor anymore.

Speaking to a whole crowd of expectant mamas, Jennifer had plenty of advice that will resonate with women who've gone through pregnancy. Each pregnancy made her "more and more nauseous," but she promised everyone, "You will get your bodies back; you will get your lives back; you can still travel; you can still go back to work (or not)." Watch the full, heartwarming video above.