JetBlue Makes Flying Easier For Families of Children With Autism

Flying with kids is no easy task, and it's especially challenging for families of autistic children. But JetBlue Airways is trying to make traveling a little less stressful. The airline has partnered with Autism Speaks to create Blue Horizons For Autism, a program that simulates the air travel experience in a "realistic, relaxed environment."

At the first event this weekend, more than 250 people gathered at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City and walked through the entire travel procedure — from check-in to boarding to taxiing on the tarmac. In addition to helping families adjust to flying, Blue Horizons For Autism also educates employees about autism and how to "meet the needs of the autism community." After receiving such positive feedback, JetBlue and Autism Speaks hope to bring the program to as many cities as possible.