The 1 Sweet Reason This Week's Fixer Upper Episode is Joanna's "All-Time Favorite Reveal"

Over the course of five seasons, we've seen Chip and Joanna Gaines renovate and reveal just about every type of home you can imagine on Fixer Upper. And while we viewers have been intrigued by the more offbeat homes over the years – I'm thinking of you house boat and shotgun home – it's a family project that has Joanna getting emotional. The HGTV star just shared on Instagram that season 5 episode 6, which premieres Jan. 2, features her, "all-time favorite reveal" because the house is for her beloved little sister.

It's no secret that Joanna and her look-alike sibling-slash-bestie enjoy doing just about everything together, so we're not surprised Joanna is thrilled to facilitate her move back to Waco, Texas after nearly a decade away. While we don't know exactly what design tricks Joanna has in store, she did hint that these were some of the most "unique" to date. And, considering that her sister is expecting her sixth child, we're sure this home will be overflowing with family design and organization inspiration.