These Hilarious Questions About Sex Are So Pure, We Almost Feel Bad For Laughing

I vaguely remember sex-ed from elementary school. I can recall anatomical worksheets and giggling when my teacher explained it all to us. I remember a boy in my class falling backwards in his chair and fainting while we watched The Miracle of Life. Our teacher had the daunting task of walking a group of curious, shy, embarrassed children through this topic, so she opened up an anonymous question box, through which students could ask questions and receive honest answers — a bold move.

Well, it appears my sweet teacher was not the only one with this brilliant idea. A now-viral tweet proves that teachers are still using this tactic, and kids are still so (hilariously) pure with their responses. I truly couldn't stop laughing at one child's question about a "penise" and a "Virginia." Also, there's apparently a child out there who "knows" intercourse takes 24 hours? I gasped. Check out the full list of questions ahead and see if you have a favorite — people on the internet have already picked their own.