Clear Your Calendars! Krispy Kreme Is Selling 12 Doughnuts For $1 For 1 Day Only

Mark your calendars! Krispy Kreme is ready to make your family's holidays merry, bright, and delicious, thanks to its generous offer of one dozen doughnuts for just $1 — yes, you read that right. You can bring the dozen to a holiday party, use them to brighten a friend's day, make your kids' afternoon play date a million times more yummy, or sit them in front of you while you catch up with your DVR after the kids go to bed (no one should eat 12 doughnuts alone, but hey, for $1, I'll give it my best try).

However, there is a small catch regarding KK's "Day of the Dozens" deal: you've got to buy two dozen doughnuts — the first dozen can be comprised of whichever flavor doughnuts you'd like, but will be full price; the second 12 doughnuts, all glazed, will set you back just one George Washington ("But 24 doughnuts is too many!" — said no one ever). "Day of the Dozens" will take place on Dec. 12 at participating locations (find one here), and there will be a limit of two redemptions per customer.

Until then, please enjoy these photos of Krispy Kreme's famous glazed doughnuts, which are best served warm (warning: drooling will ensue).