Watch These Elementary School Kids Lose Their Sh*t Over Lil Nas X Performing "Old Town Road"

Strap on your cowboy boots, folks, because Lil Nas X just came at us with another (unofficial) "Old Town Road" video that might even be better than the original. The video, posted to YouTube on Thursday, followed Lil Nas X as he surprised a lucky group of kids at Lander Elementary School in Cleveland, OH, and wow, none of my school assemblies were ever this wild. From the minute the rapper entered the room, the entire auditorium was filled with high-pitched screams of joy and kids jumping up and down like Will Ferrell when he spotted Santa Claus at the mall in Elf — zero chill.

"I'm finna do the biggest show of my life and it's gonna be great," Lil Nas X said (decked out in full fringe cowboy gear, including a Gucci cowboy hat) as he prepared to surprise the youngins at just the right time. Not only were the kids thrilled to see him, but they also knew ALL the words!

After one third grade class remixed "Old Town Road" entirely, we're not surprised to see how far-spread his fan base really is. Check out the full video to witness all the head banging, boisterous jumping fits, and sheer looks of disbelief on these kids' faces — and see if you can resist chanting along with their demands for "Old Town Road! Old Town Road! Old Town Road!"