This Little Boy Has the Best Adventures With His Toy Truck — All Thanks to Mom

Some kids have imaginary best friends while others clings to stuffed characters or local service providers. Two-year-old Miles is no different — but his best friend just happens to be his favorite mode of transportation.

In an equally powerful and hysterical photo series, his mom, Alaina Carr, documents the many adventures of Miles and his truck. From daily tasks like stopping through the drive-through and pumping gas to picking up a first date and getting married, Miles and his Little Tikes Cozy Truck have been through it all.

Alaina told POPSUGAR that this beloved 30-day photo series first began one day when Miles was playing with his truck in the house. "He would lean out his window and yell 'Fries! Nuggets! Uh Fries! And toys! Thank you,'" Alaina recalled. "I wanted to make his little dreams come true, so I took him through an actual drive-through the next day."

When Alaina posted the photos on Facebook, she was blown away by people's response and decided that this was just the first installment of "The Adventures of Miles." Considering how much Miles adores his truck, it wasn't difficult to get him excited about the project. "Anywhere we go, the truck goes. To get his big sister off the bus, he drives his truck. To get the mail, he drives his truck. To take the dog on a walk, he drives his truck," Alaina said. "I can't wait to be able to re-create some of these when he's a teenager, and I can't wait for the day when he has his own children and he can show them 'The Adventures of Miles.'"