Try to Control Your Laughter Watching This Kid's Frantic Search For the Goggles on Top of His Head

Losing your belongings is easily one of the most frustrating things known to mankind, but what about when you think you lost something only to realize it's been right in front of you the entire time? For Aidan Walker, an adorably confused little boy (and our new obsession), his panic ensued when he couldn't find his goggles, which were sitting right on top of his head! Lucky for us, the epic moment was captured by his mom and big sister, Diara, and it's hilarious.

Aidan frantically searches for his goggles, even touching and moving them without realizing they're right on his head. As much as we want to jump through the computer screen and help him find the mysteriously disappearing goggles, we have to admit, we've definitely been there before. Whether it's looking for our keys in the car while they're in the ignition, or telling our friend we can't find our phone while we're talking on it, we feel Aidan's pain, and can't help but laugh at his adorable struggle.