This Little Girl Accidentally Brought KY Jelly to School, and Her Mom's Reaction Is Hilarious

Espesa Jugosa Fupa, a mom from Walkertown, NC, is well aware that kids can get into all kinds of mischief. However, she's officially seen it all after her daughter asked if she could bring some body lotion to school one morning. While that request seems innocent enough, according to a now-viral Facebook post, things escalated hilariously quickly.

"My daughter asked if she can pack some lotion in her bag," explained Espesa. "And, of course, I said, 'Yeah go get the small travel-size one out of my top drawer.'" Although Espesa meant to double-check her daughter's selection, she forgot about it in the morning rush, and that's when hilarity ensued.

Fifteen minutes after dropping off her daughter, Espesa received a phone called from her little girl's teacher, Mrs. Richardson. "The teacher's laughing hysterically," explained Espesa. "She asked if I knew what she used to put on her legs. I told her, 'Yeah it's Jergens lotion.'" According to Mrs. Richardson, it definitely was not Jergens lotion.

"I get to the damn school and see her all shiny so I'm thinking to myself, why did she take the baby oil?" she wrote. "The teacher pulled out what my daughter was putting on her legs and it was some damn KY Jelly. If anybody — and I mean anybody — wants a child!"

Ah kids, you've just gotta love 'em!