This 6-Year-Old Flower Girl's To-Do List Is a Hilarious Representation of a Type-A Personality

As a Type-A 20-something, lists are what get me through my long and tedious days (bonus points when they're handwritten), so this 6-year-old girl's hilarious to-do list is bringing a wave of heart-warming laughter not only to me, but the rest of the internet. When Niamh Heneghan was asked to be the flower girl at her aunt's wedding she was overwhelmed with excitement and maybe a little nervousness, so like many of us, she decided to channel her nerves into a very detailed to-do list before the wedding on Dec. 27.

"Last Sunday, I saw her writing this to-do list and I asked her what she was doing," her father, Richie Heneghan, told ABC News. "And she said, 'I'm just doing my to-do list!' And I said, 'Why?' And she said, 'In case I forget anything.' She's exceptionally excited about the whole thing. It's her first time being a flower girl."

Niamh's list spells out an incredibly well-thought-out and busy week in preparation for the big day, including sewing her own cardigan and dress combo. Her dedication to "practice walking down aisle" almost every day before the wedding is beyond impressive, but alongside her important flower girl duties are even more hilarious tasks like "fitness workout" and "ask is it OK for Ava to come over!" The juxtaposition of adult thoughts and 6-year-old playdate requests is just hysterical.

"She's such a character," Richie said, explaining that Niamh is going to be an amazing flower girl because "she's passionate about everything she gets involved in."