This Man's Morning Alarm Is a Golden Retreiver Spooning His Face — BRB, Checking to See If My iPhone Has That Function

I remember the days and weeks leading up to getting our family's Golden Retreiver. Before she even came home with us, I'd put my foot down about boundaries and said something like, "No dogs in the bed." Weeks and months flew by, and I was eating my own words, hiding treats in my comforter trying to coerce my disinterested Golden to climb into bed and cuddle with me. We've had her for nearly seven years now, and the only way to get a little love from her is to essentially cover my bed in snacks and then drag her up. What I wouldn't give for some requited attention! One lucky man clearly doesn't have this problem.

The Instagram dog persona account @Charlieandbodie shared a video of a happy human and his Golden Bodie snuggling, and the video has completely stollen our hearts!