This Guy Made a Video Showing What Dads Are Like, and OMG, How Did We Ever Survive Childhood?

It's almost that time of year when thousands of families pile into their respective minivans and head out on a weeklong vacation together. To help prepare everyone, comedian Trey Kennedy created a three-minute-long video parodying what it's like "when your dad takes you on vacation."

If you thought his recent viral video parodying moms was hilarious, be warned: this one is certainly laugh-out-loud funny, but it will mostly make you wonder how he managed to effectively stalk your father so well. From those painfully awkward one-liners (better known these days as "dad jokes") to the way middle-aged men tend to chuckle after saying literally anything at all, he truly nails it. To all the dads out there, sure you could take it down a notch, but we love you anyway.