You're Not Alone — Max Greenfield Is Stumped by "So Much of" His Daughter's Homeschooling Work

If you've kept up with Max Greenfield's hilarious journey through homeschooling his daughter [1], Lilly, you know it was filled with plenty of relatable ups and downs. Four months after officially becoming Professor Greenfield, Max (virtually) stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show to chat about the struggles of helping 10-year-old Lilly finish fourth grade, all while keeping his 4-year-old son, Ozzie [2], entertained at home. "We've really gotten to know each other," Max said with a laugh when Kelly asked about the experience, adding that his kids' six-year age gap made it an especially tough balancing act.

"It was a real exercise in patience."

The New Girl alum went on to detail how teaching Lilly was "a real exercise in patience," and he admitted to not understanding "so much of" the work they did together, especially the exercises for her math class. "There's this math assignment [about] tessellations," he recalled. "I had never even heard of tessellations, so I told Lilly she's probably never gonna hear of one either. No one will use this." But there were silver linings in the experience [3], too. "Some of the other stuff like the English and storytelling and some of the writing assignments, we really focused on and I think we did a good job. There were some real wins in this," he said.

Commenting on his son, Ozzie, Max joked, "He's 4-and-a-half. There will be some significant damage to him, and we have time to make that up . . . we'll figure him out." Watch the actor's entire talkshow interview above to hear more funny anecdotes about his homeschooling adventures.

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