1 Teacher Is Using a Clothespin to Teach Kids an Important Lesson After the Election

Facebook | Eva Marcial
Facebook | Eva Marcial

While many parents are still looking for ways to talk to their children about the results of the election, one teacher from Rockford, IL, is teaching her students an important lesson about diversity. Eva Marcial's son came home from school with a homework assignment from his second grade teacher asking students to turn a clothespin into a Pilgrim.

"He coincidentally received this assignment during this very heightened time," Eva wrote on Facebook. "Kudos to his teacher and the Rockford school district for teaching the lesson to embrace others and understanding that most of us are pilgrims to this country."

At such a young age, it is difficult to understand what's going on in the country right now, but teaching kids about kindness and embracing differences is crucial. The teacher is asking her young students to understand that the majority of us are pilgrims, all diverse and with a story to tell. "We would like to display this diverse group of Pilgrims in the hallway after everyone has had a chance to share them," the assignment reads.

This is a really great way for young children to learn about immigration. Even if some students' relatives did not come to this country voluntarily, it is an important topic to be taught. If you're looking for other books that can help your child understand diversity, in addition to Molly's Pilgrim, commenters have suggested Emma's Poem and Bread and Roses.