This Mom Is Going Viral For Breastfeeding Her Baby During a Bernie Sanders Rally

An Ohio mom and her 6-month-old daughter are going viral, but not for the reason you would expect. Last week, Margaret Bradford and her baby girl attended a rally for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. There, her infant got hungry and Margaret decided to do what most moms would — breastfeed. Except she did so while continuing to openly stand and cheer for the presidential hopeful.

Photographers captured the powerful moment, and the photo has since gone viral with the hashtag #BoobsForBernie. Bernie and his wife, Jane, noticed Margaret feeding her child and later stopped to thank her for taking care of her baby, even if that meant doing it in a public place. He later shared his thoughts on breastfeeding on his Twitter page. Margaret took to Facebook to share her story, tagging Ellen DeGeneres to enlist her help to grant her one wish: a photo with Bernie and his wife.

"I've gotten a lot of hate mail and a lot more love mail, but the one thing I don't have is a picture of my beautiful 6-month-old Bernie baby with Bernie and Jane Sanders! Any chance you could help me fulfill my wish, and help us get our photo with Bernie?"

While public breastfeeding still remains a largely debatable topic, we're happy to see this mom receiving glowing support for standing up and feeding her baby!