Why This Mom Stands Behind Her Child's Saturday Morning Activity

On a quiet Saturday morning, Bunmi Laditan's son enjoyed some relaxing time at home. He played with clay while watching Paw Patrol and snacking on fresh strawberries. Even though he was perfectly content, his mom is aware that in 2016, such a "harmless" morning could be viewed with an entirely different lens. In a thoughtful post on Facebook, the mother noted that what to previous generations of parents could look like a perfectly fine weekend morning could outrage many of her contemporaries. These are the four major flaws she listed:

  1. The strawberries aren't organic and are therefore just fruit-shaped poison bombs.
  2. Screen time? It's scrambling his brain. He should be outside catching butterflies in an organic cotton onesie and $45 dollar baby sandals designed for growing feet. Don't forget to capture the memories on a $500 camera and then edit them in Photoshop before sharing online.
  3. Dollar store clay contains lead. How do you not know that? Good look getting him into college.
  4. That Spider-Man mat looks like it has BPAs. He eats on that?

Despite being aware of all of the negatives that can be associated with how her little boy spent his morning, Bunmi doesn't plan on changing it to please others. "We've got so much noise in our ears all the time about how to better parents even though most of us were raised on bolonga sandwiches and Tang," Bunmi wrote. "Whatever. My son's going to enjoy his TV, toxic snack, and questionable crafts. It's good enough for us."