1 Mom's Powerful Words in Defense of Her 3-Year-Old Son's Choice to Wear an Elsa Dress

Like most kids, 3-year-old Zackary Bazen just can't "Let It Go" when it comes to everything Frozen. The young boy chose to sport his Elsa dress — and, more importantly, his blue gloves (so as not to accidentally freeze anything with his powers) — to school one morning, but unfortunately, one woman's ignorance caused Zackary's mother, Haylee, to feel she needed to defend her son's interests in a post to Facebook.

. . . He can be who he wants to be. Today he was a Disney princess and YES I did send him to school like that. Why??? Because that's what he wanted to wear, because he wanted to show his teachers and friends his Elsa dress, because he wanted to sing 'Let It Go' for show-and-tell, because he doesn't understand the gender stereotypes YOU think he should conform to, but most importantly because he is awesome!!

Bazen goes on to tell the woman not to bother with her "poisonous words" the next time she sees Zackary dressed as a cowboy, princess, or anything else she "disapproves" of . . . "Unless you want to tell him how great he looks."