This Mom Just Summed Up Motherhood in 1 Picture

Rule No. 1: You should never ask a woman a question unless you're prepared for the honest answer.

One Reddit user learned this the hard way when he asked his wife to draw a picture of what was on her mind. And although it shouldn't be a surprise that this busy mom is definitely multitasking, the sheer amount of thoughts swirling around at the same time definitely caught her husband completely off guard.

Welcome to motherhood: from worrying about what others think and her postpartum body to stressing about the kids, work, and chores, this doodling diagram pretty much sums up the internal chaos that most moms are trying to juggle. Now, we don't condone kicking a puppy in exchange for some peace and quiet, but we do understand the thought that your kids can be both awesome and evil.

This image wasn't intended to be used as proof for why women do more, but it's the perfect illustration to suggest why moms are total rock stars!