1 Mom Explained Why Breastfeeding Is "the Greatest Thing She Ever Hated"

We know we don't have to tell you breastfeeding can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. One mom used an emotional Facebook post to explain all of the difficulties she had to go through, both physically and mentally, to breastfeed her son until his first birthday.

The anonymous writer described how friends and family tried to sway her away from breastfeeding for a full year, citing reasons like her son's teeth coming in and even comparing her to her sister-in-law. "'OK, he's got a tooth, time to stop,' 'You'll be breastfeeding him at 20.'" [They told] me I'm psychologically damaging him. [They told] me this doesn't foster independence and just about every thing you can think of. I was compared to other women. 'Your SIL only did it for 4 months.'"

On top of the pressure she was getting from other people in her circle, the mother of two explained pumping was no walk in the park for her, either. But she was determined to make it to her son's first birthday. "After about 3-and-a-half months we got it down but until then I was tied to a pump thinking of quitting. I was told no one wanted to see the baby unless I covered up. I was told in MY HOME to go to another room to pump."

Nothing could deter her determination, even as she approached his birthday and wondered if her relationship would completely change as her son grew. "I thought [his first birthday] would be a bigger deal. Cried myself to sleep. But the morning came and he still smells like magic. He looks the same. Same reddish hair. Same dreamy blue eyes. Same milk dribbles on his chin. Sleeping away."

The biggest takeaway came just after that moment. As she realized her bond was worth all the criticism she battled: "I am so terrified that one day we won't have this anymore. It's the greatest thing I've ever hated. But I will certainly grieve when its over! Because of mornings like this." Amen to that.