This Mom Created a Trick Grocery List For Her Husband, Because Revenge Is a Dish Best Served in the Frozen Food Aisle

If you ever feel like your partner isn't pulling his or her weight, you could sit down and have a healthy, productive conversation about household expectations. Or, you could get even.

Mom of two Karen Alpert opted for the latter this past weekend, and we're taking notes.

"My hubby has been lying on the couch all morning while I'm doing soooo much stuff, so I finally got super annoyed and sent him to the grocery store," she wrote on her Facebook page Baby Sideburns.

That seems perfectly harmless, you might be saying to yourself. But, here's the kicker: she sent him with a "special shopping list" that included eight items that are impossible to find . . . because they don't exist. From three-percent milk to organic PopTarts, Karen set up her husband for utter errand-running failure in the most hilarious way imaginable. And her parenthetical note alongside Diet Diet Coke, in which she suggested he "might have to ask because it's new," was a particularly evil-genius touch.

But perhaps her finest move? "Yes, I turned my ringer off."

We haven't gotten an update from Karen, but we can only assume that her husband is still in aisle 17, building up the nerve to ask a salesperson why all the Wheat Thins boxes are yellow.