Mom Who Drove Children Into the Ocean Found Not Guilty of Attempted Murder

Remember the mother who drove her children into the ocean earlier this year? Well, nine months and several court appearance later, she has been cleared of all charges. Earlier today, a judge deemed Ebony Wilkerson not guilty of attempted murder and child abuse by reason of insanity.

The decision was reached after reviewing medical reports that say the 33-year-old suffered a psychotic break when she steered her car full of children into the ocean. Wilkerson, who was 28 weeks pregnant at the time of her arrest, was reportedly raped by her husband a few days before the incident, which led to her troubled mental state. She served two months in jail, where she gave birth to her fourth child, before being released on bond in May. Despite the decision, the judge has yet to determine whether Wilkerson should be hospitalized or released with oversight by the court. We're hoping for the former.