Mom Shares Why Having Her "Hands Full" With 6 Kids Is So Gratifying

Korbi Ashton

It goes without saying that a mom of six probably has her hands full — but that's not what photographer and mom Korbi Ashton prefers people focus on when they think about her life with her big family. She'd much rather you focus on her very, very full heart.

In a post to Bored Panda, Korbi — mom to Beck, 11, Paisley, 9, Penelope, 5, Remington, 3, Violet, 2, and Jorgen, 3 months — shared that for Christmas, her sister bought her a shirt that says "Yes, they are all mine" because she gets "the best" comments when she's out with all of her babies.

When I have all of my adorable, snot-nosed, shoeless kids with me I get the best comments. Comments and questions from people that don't even think before they say something. 'You know how this happens right?' . . . 'Do they all have the same baby daddy?' For reals. None of which is their business. My favorite of all time is, 'You've got your hands full there!' Yes, yes I do.

The mom continues, outlining all of the literal things her hands are full with: bandage wrappers from fixing up skinned knees, bread crumbs wiped off the counter after her toddler decided to make his own lunch, grocery bags filled with their favorite snacks.

"It really never ends. My hands are the fullest of full. Do you know what else is full? My heart," she wrote. "My heart is bursting at the seams with pride at my kind, sweet-hearted children. The joy that they radiate to not only me, but those around them is unmatchable. I cannot imagine anything better to fill my hands with."

Korbi told POPSUGAR that the most gratifying thing about being a mama to six kids is getting to raise six different personalities. "Just when I think I have something figured out, the next kid throws me for a loop and I have to try and figure it all out again," she said. "It's like a never-ending job of being a project manager of Ashton Home." Adding, "I say it's gratifying because of the challenge of it all. Sometimes I succeed, more often I fail, but I always learn. I learn right along with these creatures that I am helping raise with my husband. Hopefully guiding them to lead successful lives doing that they love. And also instilling in them to live right down the street from me."