This Mom Convinced Her Kids to Eat Healthy Snacks With a Simple Storage Hack

Convincing yourself to eat healthy snacks can be . . . difficult, and convincing your kids to eat healthy snacks can be next to impossible at times. Luckily, Sarah Horner — a blogger, school administrator, and mom of two with a baby on the way — came up with the perfect snack storage hack to encourage her two boys to choose nutritious snacks over junk food, and it's kind of genius.

"After grocery shopping, I always wash and prep all of the food that is considered self-serve in our house," Sarah explained in a Facebook post on her page The Eager Teacher. "Self-serve, for my kiddos, means help yourself without asking and it's always an OK snack (any time of day, bedtime snacks, etc.). It also helps me when I'm packing lunches and snacks, or as a side dish when dinner doesn't include something they will definitely eat, or if we have a busy/late night." Once the snacks are prepped, all she does is put them in storage containers on the lower shelves of the fridge door, where her kids can grab 'em and go anytime. Why didn't we think of that?!

As simple as this snack hack may seem, Sarah understands that kids can be picky when it comes to how their food is served and whether or not it's fun to eat. By prepping the food in advance and putting them in a space that's accessible to her children, she ensures that healthy snacks are always in reach, while also allowing her kids to feel in control by grabbing the treats themselves.

"There's something about having things truly ready to grab that makes kids eat it," she adds. "I could leave the baby carrots in a bag or leave the grapes on the stems but they wouldn't eat it." So true — even for me, sometimes. I know I'm definitely trying this snack hack out for myself after my next grocery trip.