Hilarious Mom High on Morphine Forgets She Gave Birth to Her Baby

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For most moms, the pain and struggles of labor stay with them for the rest of their lives — so much so that they have no problem letting their children know what they put them through — but for Tisha Heffron, remembering the birth of her second child may not be in the cards. In a hilarious video shot after the birth of her son, Clay, Tisha is seen in a dark hospital room with her husband, James — and she has no idea what the hell is going on.

"I've been sleeping all this time," she says incredulously, clearly a little loopy from morphine. "No, you haven't at all — you gave birth," James responds. Shocked as ever, Tisha replies, "TO WHO?!"

The hilarious back-and-forth continues as Tisha asks James if he can see her in the dark (with her eyes closed), if he's her mom, if she has bugs all over her because her face is itchy, if she pushed out her baby through her belly button, and if her vagina is still where she knew it to be (don't worry, it was).

James told Caters News Agency that he was keeping her busy so she wouldn't stand up but was trying not to laugh the whole time. We're not sure how he managed it — this encounter had us in tears.