After Seeing the Results of This Mom Cleaning a Pack-n-Play, You'll Be Washing Yours in 3, 2, 1 . . .

Thanks to a mom from California, I'm going to go home today and soak everything I own in the bathtub — but let me back up.

Allie Fraze, mom to a nearly 2-year-old, was a little skeptical about a cleaning method she read about for kids' pack-n-plays . . . until she tried it. After doing the "hack" just once, she's sending a PSA to every parent to clean their kids' pack-n-plays regularly, and you're probably going to want to take her advice.

"All it takes is HOT water, your favorite laundry detergent, and a few sprinkles of baking soda! Rotate it every 45 minutes . . . make sure you take it outside and give everything a good rinse down with a garden hose . . . and let it dry in the warm sunshine," Allie instructed in a post to her Facebook. "This water was HOT AND CLEAR when I started. It is now a disgusting brown-yellow color from all the dirt and other nastiness JT's crib has collected. I will now be doing this MONTHLY."

Although there's no before photo, Allie shared two photos of her tub post pack-n-play soak — one with the gear still in the bath, the other after it had been lifted out. Both photos will leave you feeling unwell and wondering what the hell is all over your other regularly used items, especially baby gear.

Like I said: throwing everything into my bathtub this afternoon — I'll get back to you with the various results.