"Jumping For Joy Mom" Is Back With Another Hilarious Back-to-School Photo

It's a new school year, and Keshia Leeann Gardner, the mom who went viral last year after she jumped for joy on her kids' first day of school, is back with another hilarious photo that's causing the internet to collectively laugh out loud. Whereas last year the mom was pictured in the photo with her kids alone, this year the photo featured a special guest — her husband, Andy.

"We threw the kids a back to school party. They were so excited!" Keshia wrote in the caption of the group photo on Facebook. Adding in the comments on another photo of her husband holding balloons: "Andrew Gardner was so excited to be in the picture with us this year! Excitement here, there, and everywhere."

Keshia says that this year's photo may be her favorite because they finally got Andy to join in on the fun, but we love it because like last year's, her kids look so completely unamused that we can't help but giggle (that and the fact that the horse, pool floaties, balloons, and giant trough of water are just so over-the-top it's amazing). As is the case with last year's photo, Keshia deserves a slow clap for her hysterical and unbridled excitement over her children going back to school.