When Mom and the Tooth Fairy Team Up, It Makes For 1 Epic Note

When little Emily lost a tooth, she most likely was expecting to wake up to some money under her pillow the next morning. However, her creative mom, blogger Non-Stop Mom, had a different idea and used her tooth loss as an opportunity to get her to clean up her room.

The Tooth Fairy left the child a note, shared by Love What Matters' Facebook page, explaining that she was unable to retrieve the tooth and leave a payment because of the condition of the bedroom. "I had a horrible time even getting to your bed safely," the Tooth Fairy wrote. "Once there, I was unable to locate the tooth pillow due to the amount of pillows, blankets, and bodies in your bed."

Luckily, the Tooth Fairy is reasonable and offered to come by a different night if the child properly cleans and organizes her room. "I bet if you ask your mother nicely, she will even help you to do it," the Tooth Fairy added.