Woman Pees While Toddler Is Strapped on Her Back, Moms Everywhere Nod Knowingly

There are certain images that all moms relate to — those touching birth photos in which we meet our newborn for the first time, sweet snaps of them napping on our chests, and selfies of us sitting on the toilet while our kid is strapped to our back.

Wait, you don't have that last one framed?

Annie Nolan, an Australian mom of three and blogger, very likely does. The 27-year-old proudly posted such a snapshot on Instagram:

"When you need to wee but you just spent 15 minutes securely strapping a child to your back," she wrote in the caption. "Poor Delphi!"

Still, she doesn't feel too bad for her daughter and jokes that the happy girl "follows me to the toilet every time anyway."

Perhaps more hysterical than the photo are some of the comments, which prove just how universal a situation this is for moms across the globe.

"True mom status right there," wrote one. Another chimed in: "I'm 66 and still sit with the door open while the grandkids sit and talk while I'm having my supposed private time." And, one astutely added, "at least you just had to wee."

Not that that should stop you . . .