This Mom's Genius Plan For Stopping Unbearable Public Meltdowns For Good

After witnessing a mom dealing with a screaming kid in the middle of grocery shopping, one woman not only felt sympathy for the struggling mom, but also came up with a plan of action.

In the anonymous mom's funny Facebook post that is going viral, the clever woman explains her new plan: getting someone to "mean mug the kid and tell it to shut up." This mom isn't suggesting a stranger yell at kids without a parent's permission but instead is proposing a secret signal that parents give each other when they can't take the public meltdowns anymore. These are the reasons behind her unconventional parenting strategy.

  1. The kid will be so shocked they will shut up.
  2. It will reinforce stranger danger.
  3. It will show them, from an early age, that while your parents love you and put up with your sh*t, the rest of the world doesn't care about you (or your feelings), no matter how cute you are.