Why This Mom Shielded Her Breastfeeding Child With a Victoria's Secret Model's Photo

So since my breastfeeding photo which showed NOTHING got reported more than FIVE times, I'm posting this. I bet this won...

Posted by Maria Corry on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Frustrated after a breastfeeding photo she posted on social media was reported for being perceived as inappropriate more than five times, one fed-up mother got creative with her latest nursing post.

Instead of sharing the same type of brelfie, Maria Corry decided to make a point by using an image of a lingerie model — with her boobs clad in lace and a seductive look on her face — to cover her breastfeeding child.

"I bet this won't be reported, because you can see this picture in every mall you step into, huge and blown up outside the store," Maria wrote. "This is not frowned upon, or ever reported, as it is seen everywhere. But a women nurturing and feeding their baby is looked down on."

Maria hopes that her poignant photo highlights the double standard that many people have when it comes to how they view breasts. She is optimistic that it will empower other women to share their breastfeeding selfies, despite the backlash she received. "In other countries breastfeeding is praised, and welcomed everywhere!" Maria added. "In America, people have so much negative things to say about it! I'm done with this stupid nonsense."

Whether or not Facebook users find lingerie models as equally inappropriate as they did the photo of a natural act between mother and child, Maria's photo sends an important message.