Mom Punches Fellow Shopper For Telling Her to "Calm Her Child Down"

A woman in California is realizing just how protective moms can be. During a shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack, Bree Hajek-Richardson noticed a child throwing a temper tantrum by the checkout counter. Feeling the boy's screams were "a little bit loud," the 20-year-old asked his mother to "calm her child down." The mother, whose identity is unknown, did not take too kindly to Hajek-Richardson's criticisms and began yelling at her fellow shopper.

"She said, 'Don't tell my child what to do,' and I said, '[I] didn't tell your child what to do; I said just quiet them down a little bit,'" Hajek-Richardson told a local news outlet. The shouting continued, with Hajek-Richardson telling the mom to go to hell. She thought that was the end of their argument. But when she left the store, the mother was waiting for her in the parking lot.

"I hear her say, 'So where did you tell me to go?'," Hajek-Richardson recalls. "I said, 'I told you to go to hell,' and the next thing I know she hits me with the fist, and then hits me again and lays on top of me." The mother eventually took off, leaving Hajek-Richardson bruised, scraped, and slightly bloody. Hajek-Richardson notes that this is not the first time she has confronted a parent about his or her child's behavior, but it is the first time a parent has physically fought back. She filed a police report, but officers have been unable to track down the mother.

So, did Hajek-Richardson learn her lesson? Not exactly. When asked if the altercation would keep her from speaking to parents in the future, she said no.

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