Every Mom Who's Feared Public Breastfeeding Needs to Read This Woman's Words

"The fear is usually unfounded," wrote Shawnee Prether in a post to Facebook about overcoming her fear of breastfeeding in public. "All the scary stories on the Internet are so rare, I've nursed all my children for a combined total of over five years and I have never, ever had a single bad experience."

Though Prether's untarnished track record with breastfeeding in public may not be the case for everyone, her words of encouragement to all moms who fear some aspect of public nursing because of internet horror stories — as she once did herself — are important.

To the woman huddled in a bathroom stall because you're embarrassed to nurse in public, COME OUT!
To the woman who decides to use formula during the trip because you're afraid security will hassle you for carrying on milk or a pump, DON'T.
To the woman who passes on a night out to avoid people seeing that you do what's best for your baby, GO!

Prether finishes her positive post with one more directive to all of the moms out there: "Be brave if you can and most of all be PROUD!"