You'll Love What This Mom Did With 16 Secret Photos She Took of Her Husband and Daughter

Memory-keeping while your kids are little can be difficult when your mind is constantly on a million other things at any given time, but one mom has found the perfect simple way to document the bond between her husband and young daughter: by taking photos of them from behind any time they're holding hands. The mom has been taking these secret photos since 2014 when her daughter was 1, and now that she has a bunch, she posted a grid of 16 of the photos to Reddit, where you can practically hear the other users saying "Awww!"

Although the mom, who goes by MrsIronbad on Reddit, has taken the photos in secret for four years, she's not sure she can keep them from her husband for much longer (especially now that her collage is getting attention!). "I'd still continue this project as a surprise gift for my daughter when the time is right," she told POPSUGAR. "She and my husband are really close. The reason I am able to take those photos is that she likes holding her dad's hand more than she does with me!"

Cue every parent stealing this adorable idea in 3 . . . 2 . . .