This Mom Took a Video From the Toilet of Her Kids Begging to Come In, and I’ve Never Felt So Seen

Some things that kids do are completely universal — like trying to get into the bathroom when you *thought* you successfully slipped away to pee in peace. Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins knows that particular struggle all too well, and as it turns out, her kids unfortunately know just how to get their way, door locked or not.

In a hilarious video we can only assume Tiffany filmed from the toilet, we can see the bathroom door — which is locked — and hear her daughter Chloe on the other side, begging to come in. "Mommy, unlockey doah peez," the spot-on subtitles read, over and over as Chloe tries to make her way in while Tiffany yells unto unlistening ears, "I'm in the bathroom!" Chloe attempts to up her argument, clarifying that she said "peez," but is forced to gain entry another way. See what goes down in the hysterical clip as you nod to yourself while thinking longingly of your last solo trip to the bathroom prekids.