This Mom's Holiday Card How-To Will Save You From 1 Big Mistake This Year, Trust Us

Heather Breedlove Nianouris, a mom and former teacher, has a PSA for families everywhere: there should, under no circumstances whatsoever, ever be an apostrophe in your family's holiday card signature. It's not "Love the Martin's." And it's definitely not "Xoxo, the Bate's." In a video she created last year, Heather walks inquiring minds through exactly how to sign your holiday card using a little bit of poster board and some tough love. And frankly, her instructions should be blasted out via loudspeaker throughout the nation.

All in all, she makes a pretty good point. How many of us schlep our kids off to some remote location to capture the perfect photo just to make a glaring grammatical error on the card itself? The short answer: a lot. So kick back, relax, and sit through this five-minute video tutorial to avoid making a blunder this season.