Mom Documents Hilarious Text Conversation With Her Confused Daughter Trying to Find Tampons

The early mother-daughter conversations about your period are never easy, but when you're 13 years old and looking for tampons in the maze that is the drugstore, the texting conversation with your mom can be nothing short of hilarious. Belinda Hankins took to Facebook to post a series of epic texts between her and her daughter, who was beyond confused while looking for feminine products.

"THIS was the highlight of my parenting week. Sending my 13-year-old daughter into the store for (whispers) 'feminine hygiene products,' and having the following text exchange. I died, she gave me life, I died again," she wrote. "And she drew an illustration, on the spot, ON HER PHONE, to drive her point home. #VaginaLasers #SMASHTHEPATRIARCHY #THEVAGINAZONE #GodILoveHer #IGotThePerfectKidForMe."

Stage 1: The Initial Freak-Out

"Look near condoms and sex lube."

Stage 2: The Full Freak-Out

Forget the condoms, they're definitely "near diapers."

Stage 3: Bingo


Stage 4: The Vaj Mobile

This 13-year-old gets it.

Stage 5: Map It Out

This depiction should be placed in pharmacies upon arrival.

Can we get a round of applause for this girl who absolutely nailed her first solo pharmacy shopping experience?