My Kid Is Obsessed With Sequins, and That's OK

I long for the days when my daughter was still a toddler and didn't care what I dressed her in. She used to be completely content wearing pastel rainbow overalls with a matching hat — yes, it was as adorable as it sounds — or a plain t-shirt and jeans. But now that she's older, she is paying attention to kids fashion more and more, actually knows quite a bit about what is trendy, and has developed her own tastes. Sounds great, but it can be a bit of an issue.

Shopping for my daughter when she is not with me can be a challenge. Most of the time, I have to return the clothing I bought for her, because it was "not cool" or it was "too babyish." Fortunately, I've figured out a foolproof style that I can 100 percent guarantee she'll love. (Hint: It's made out of shiny, glittery plastic and draws little kids everywhere to it like moths to a flame. You know it well, moms.) That's right. I'm talking about sequins.

It all started with a reversible sequined pillow my husband bought for her. She couldn't stop running her little fingers along it and she loved how she could make the colors change from red to black and vice versa, over and over again. With her little finger, she drew happy faces and wrote words on it. It was downright astonishing and mesmerizing to her. Next, my mother bought her a small coin purse with silver sequins that turned into rainbow colors. She thought it was incredibly magical to be able to create a rainbow with the touch of her hand. And so little by little, she accumulated more sequined items — a colorful diary that revealed an adorable panda bear's face when she performed her "magic" and even a school backpack that was completely covered in sequins.

No matter the color or style of clothing, if it has sequins on it, especially if it is the reversible color kind, my daughter will adore it. To say that she is obsessed with sequins would be an understatement, and I'm milking that love to make my life easier.

Now when I got into the store, I head straight for anything with sequins knowing that she'll flip when she sees the items, instead of sending me back to the store to return them. I may have already bought all the sequined clothing I could find in her size, but what I love the most is that sequins really match her personality. They are fun and sparkly, just like she is.