Everyone Needs to See Nev Schulman and His Fiancée Explain Why New Parents Need Better Postpartum Care  

For many new parents, having to wait until their baby's first appointment — typically over a month after his or her birth — to first see a doctor for professional postpartum care isn't nearly enough support.

Nev Schulman, host of the popular MTV show, Catfish, and his fiancée, Laura Perlongo, can not only relate to the struggle but are also speaking out about the important issue in order to explain exactly why parents need better professional care in the weeks following a child's birth. "The American system is setting moms up to fail," Laura says. "It's basically saying you should already know how to deal with mastitis, engorgement, and infections down there."

The new parents to baby Cleo explain that in other parts of the world, like Iceland, Germany, and the Netherlands, all moms have access to in-home care during the first few weeks after they give birth. Not only that, but the infant mortality rate in those countries is about half of that in in the United States, and the couple points out that this extra care can help or even decrease cases of postpartum depression. Check out the above video and share if you think American families need better postpartum care.