No One Expected the Twist to This Nightmare Before Christmas Gender Reveal

Standing in front of a two-tier Nightmare Before Christmas-themed gender reveal cake, Ashley and Jason of The Tattooed Travelers thought they'd be cutting into the cake and finding out whether their second baby is going to be a girl or a boy — but things didn't exactly go as planned. They cut into their cake (made by Cakes by Chaeli) together only to find a different kind of nightmare: both pink and blue icing were inside. Confused, the whole room started buzzing with questions, asking Ashley if she's actually expecting twins (she's not) or if the reveal color is maybe in the bottom layer of the cake (it isn't).

And then, just as Jason is looking for the person in the room who presumably knew the gender or had the envelope from the doctor with the answer, Ashley threw a curve ball that left the entire room screaming.