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How 2 Families Celebrate Spooky Season All October Long

From Halloween Looks to Festive Activities, Here's How 2 Families Are Celebrating Spooky Season All October Long

Who says Halloween has to be limited to just one day a year? For two family households in particular, Halloween is a whole vibe. It's an excuse to dress festively, decorate, do all the fall things, and inject a little magic into the everyday. And it lasts all October long.

The easiest way to start? Get your hands on Halloween looks for every family member. From playful tees to printed leggings to themed sweatshirts, H&M is a one-stop shop for spirited pieces your kids can wear over and over again. Once you've got the dressing part down, you'll not only feel ready to enjoy the spooky season but to conquer it, too. After all, this time of year is all about making fun, lasting memories. Get inspiration below!

Halloween With the Browns


In the Brown household, working mom of four and blogger of Hello Baby Brown Marisa Brown has an all-out mentality for holidays. "Our kids love holidays just as much as their mama, so we do all the things," Marisa told us. "We decorate the house, scatter pumpkins all over the front porch, visit pumpkin patches, and spend time coming up with the perfect outfits."

Most importantly, though, her number one priority is making this time of year extra special for Sloan (age 8), Phayre (age 6), Briar (age 4), and Autry (who's almost 2). "I am painfully aware that the kids will only be little for a short while," Marisa said. "It's important to me that we celebrate and make the most out of these moments while they're young and can still get so much out of it."

"I think that holidays are a great way to make everyday moments feel magical."

Even if going above and beyond isn't your thing, there are still plenty of small, meaningful ways to embrace the Halloween spirit. Marisa likes to turn her kids' sandwiches into little ghosts, hang tiny skeletons from their door handles, and let them accessorize their rooms with tiny lights and mini pumpkins. Her daughters especially love to decorate with her, so as a team, they'll cut paper bats out of black construction paper and tape them onto the walls. And of course, the entire family loves visiting the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins.

"As a parent, I love seeing the kids' excitement over the little things: how happy my girls are to help me decorate our porch and how my boys' faces light up over cider doughnuts and a hay ride on the farm," Marisa explained. This year, they're keeping those same traditions alive but swapping trick-or-treating for a Halloween party at home with close friends. "It's loud, chaotic, and always a good time," she said of the celebration.


No matter how you're celebrating the season, though, making sure you have the looks to match is half the fun. "I love purchasing festive clothing from H&M because my kids can wear the pieces all season long," Marisa said. "I will even size up so that they can wear it for a few seasons before passing it down to their sibling."

With charming pieces like pumpkin tees, black tulle dresses, ghost tops, and sleek black leggings, H&M makes it easy to mix and match while getting an impressive amount of wear for your buck. "I think holidays are a great way to make everyday moments feel magical, and part of that magic is getting to wear fun, seasonal clothing," Marisa said. "Festive items the kids can wear to school, church, and other outings get them excited and bring them so much joy."

Halloween With the Sogunros


The Sogunro family are all about style when it comes to the Halloween season. As a content creator for Titi's Passion, Titi Sogunro enjoys getting dressed up with her husband and creating coordinating, seasonal looks for their 11-year-old son, Jeremy, and 8-year-old daughter, Neriah. "For me, Halloween is another opportunity to do something fun with my kids," Titi shared with us. "Life gets busy, so dressing up in festive clothing gives me a chance to slow down and simply create special memories with the whole family."

Similar to the Browns, Titi turns to H&M for quality, affordable options she and her kids can wear all season long. "Costumes usually get worn one day and then they are left forgotten at the back of the closet," Titi said. "Because these Halloween pieces don't look like typical costumes, my kids can easily wear them to school. I also love that they have long-sleeve outfits, which are perfect for the cold-weather months."


This year in particular, the Sogunros are tapping into their personalities and channeling looks that speak to their interests and make them feel their best. "My daughter loves this classic Halloween skeleton print, and her gloves and headband add a stylish, festive touch," Titi said. "Staying on theme, my spouse and I are wearing black pieces as a nod to the holiday, but they can also be worn beyond Halloween."

Jeremy especially is taking the personality direction to heart. "My son loves sweatshirts, so these two gaming sweatshirts fit right into his style," Titi said. "As an added bonus, they give him an opportunity to share an interest — he's a big gamer — on a day that is all about showing personality!"

"Dressing up in festive clothing gives me a chance to slow down and simply create fun memories with my family."

Aside from outfits, the Sogunros are also looking forward to other October traditions like decorating the house as a family, carving pumpkins, and staying up late to watch scary movies. They'll be incorporating new traditions, too, such as haunted-house decorating and allowing the kids to decorate their bedroom doors.

"I highly recommend doing an activity with your kids, like baking Halloween treats or creating a candy scavenger hunt," Titi explained. "These activities are a great way for my spouse and me to get silly with our kids. With a busy schedule, that doesn't always happen, so I look forward to this bonding time."

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