No One Is More Surprised — or Excited — at This Gender-Reveal Party Than These Older Sisters

In honor of Darus and Kristin's first child together, they planned an adorable "What Will It Bee?" gender-reveal party. But the thoughtful black, white, and yellow details as well as the bumblebee-inspired motif aren't what made this day truly special — it's how the expecting parents incorporated Darus's daughters from a previous marriage into the celebration.

For the big moment, the pair sat in front of a chalkboard backdrop with an oversize black balloon dangling over their heads. Aubrie and Miyah were tasked with closing their eyes and popping the balloon to reveal if they were going to have a little sister or brother. As pink confetti showered down on the family, no one was more excited than the girls, and their reactions made for some priceless family photos. Check out all of the heartfelt details from the entire day below!