10 Toddler-Approved Party Games That'll Guarantee a Good Time (and Give Mom a Break!)

Whether you're throwing a huge bash or just have a few friends over for the afternoon, it's no secret that kids' birthday parties can stress even the most level-headed mom out. And when you have little kids who can not only get into everything, but also have what seems like the world's shortest attention span, planning can get pretty tricky. Use these party ideas to take the thinking out of your toddler's next birthday bash.


Go Back to Basics with a Ring Toss

No matter if you're swinging by your local carnival or relaxing in the backyard, you can't deny that kids love this classic no matter the venue.


Pin the Head on the LEGO

Update this old-timey birthday staple with a modern facelift.


DIY a Gorgeous Craft

Take the creative route . . . minus the mess with these easy-to-make mermaids made from colorful egg cartons.


Make a Custom Toss Game

Dig into your party theme, and create a frisbee or bean bag toss that fits your style. Added bonus: it's supercheap to make.


Keep Their Eyes Peeled with a Homemade Scavenger Hunt

You know the saying, finders keepers? Get their juices flowing by including a scavenger hunt into his next bash. You can either print one up that's in theme or go rogue if you're short on time.


Go Wild with Your Own Pass the Parcel

Put a tactical spin on musical chairs with a "pass the parcel" game. Wrap a present in several layers and have the partygoers pass it around until the music stops, each time getting closer to the prize. It's perfect for tiny hands.


Get Them on Their Feet with a Real-Life Version of Hungry Hungry Hippos

Scour your bathrooms for old tissue boxes, wrap them in different paper, and watch them battle it out for hours. Don't forget to grab some ping-pong balls from the dollar store.


Let Them Decorate Their Own Headbands

All you need are a few plastic headbands, shimmery craft supplies, and a little imagination.


Add a Pop of Color to Your Soiree

Keep them busy before the food arrives with a huge box of Crayola crayons and themed printables.