These Photos of Cats With Their Tiny Humans Prove Dogs Have Nothing on Felines

Bringing your baby home is one of the most memorable — and tiring — points in parents' lives. And while there's no doubt that your newborn will take up the bulk of your time, that doesn't necessarily mean that your furry friends need to take a back seat. For pet moms and dads, ensuring your new human hits it off with your furbaby is a top priority — and cats are no exception.

While we totally know that dogs get all the credit for being baby's BFF, cats are also known for getting some serious quality time with teeny bundles of joy. And thankfully, some parents have been quick enough with their phones to capture these sweet moments on camera.

Scroll through to get a peek at some of the seriously adorable photos of cats and their humans to see for yourself, and try not to sprint to your closest pet shelter in the process.

Instagram | moempires

Because every baby needs a snuggle buddy during nap time.

Instagram | edwardmilesjones

Talk about a girl's best friend, right?

Instagram | thenalongcameyou

Is this the cat version of holding hands?

Instagram | catlids

We are seriously swooning over this baby snuggle . . .

Instagram | katnip2317

Black seems to be a shade they can both agree on!

Instagram | surcomberachel

"And where do you think you're going?"

Instagram | delly_webb

So how close is too close?

Instagram | naminexhitomy

This has major heart eyes written ALL over it.

Instagram | kayct666

Because baby toes are very interesting for cats too!

Instagram | lizelle.burger

At least he waits his turn!

Instagram | skylermo

These are two peas in a pod . . .

Instagram | moempires

Every tiny baby needs a kitty hug once in a while.

Instagram | jackie_caruthers_

Aren't these two just the sweetest little things?

Instagram | tallchickwhoeats

This is one heck of a tag-team!

Instagram | life_babies

When symmetry is everything!