This Woman Takes the Most Breathtaking Photos of Her Cats Wearing Floral Crowns Like True Queens

Jane W., a 25-year-old from Chicago, IL, and a proud cat mama, certainly knows her way around a camera despite never getting formal training. In an effort to explore her passion for photography, she created an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing her work. And her favorite subjects by far? Her gorgeous cats! While Jane has dozens of stunning portraits of her kitties on her feed, a few shots of her Maine Coon, Leo, wearing a crown completely caught our eye. And with more than 68,000 followers, we weren't the only people impressed.

"I would consider myself a hobby photographer," Jane told POPSUGAR. "I absolutely adore my pets and wanted a way to document their growth, which is what inspired me to pick up the camera. It wasn't long before I realized how photogenic cats are! Eventually I decided to share my photos on Instagram and was pleasantly surprised to see others enjoying my photos as well."

"I had seen quite a few photos of dogs wearing stunning flower crowns, but never any cats. So I thought: why not?"

But as any cat owner knows, anything dogs can do, felines can do much better. So why not let her kitties give the crowns a whirl?

"I had seen quite a few photos of dogs wearing stunning flower crowns, but never any cats," explained Jane. "So I thought: why not? I purchased a few to experiment with, and the resulting photos ended up being a hit on Instagram. Since then, we've been sure to post Leo wearing flower crowns more often, as our fans seem to love it!"

The most rewarding part for Jane is the photos' ability to showcase her pets' different personalities.

"They are all quite different, which really shows through in photos," she said. "Leo is a very laid-back cat, so he is the easiest to photograph when accessories are involved. [Our other cat] Ori, on the other hand, is extremely active and mischievous, making him much harder to photograph. My oldest cat, Lucy, is very reserved and avoids the camera. However, when I do manage to get a shot, she always ends up looking like a queen."

Scroll through to get a peek at Jane's majestic shots!


Cuteness overload.

Straight off the runway!

This is the chicest cat we've ever seen.


Look at this kitty's sweet face!

The face of beauty and grace . . .

Loving the red hues.

Instagram | leo.mainecoon

Is he the next face of Cover Girl? Probably.

Love this playful shot.

A little reindeer inspiration, anyone?

This baby looks like a unicorn hybrid, right?