These Photos of Dads Delivering Their Own Babies Will Make Your Ovaries Burst

For women, childbirth is the ultimate testament to their bodies' strength and power. For their partners, who are often in the delivery room during birth, making sure mom is supported, comfortable, and feeling empowered is usually their MO. However, for some partners, standing around playing the waiting game while mom does all the work just isn't enough for them — they've got to jump in to be a part of the miracle of their child's birth.

Rather than hang out by mama's head during their child's birth, these dads got right in on the action to help deliver their babies, which is pretty dang cool.

Tiffany Wilson

We love look of awe on this dad's face as he lifted his baby.

Elizabeth Diaz

This dad looks like a pro delivering his daughter.

Robin Baker — Birth Blessings Photography

With one twin already born, dad caught the second little babe ready to meet their mama.

The First Hello Project

How sweet is this dad's expression upon catching his newborn?

June Bug Photography

This dad went from holding mom's leg to lifting his baby.

Sarah McKenzie Photo

With mom looking on, this dad concentrated hard on the task at hand.

LPD Photography

Right after assisting with the birth, this dad lifted baby up so mama could get a look.

Leilani Rogers

When there was no time for a birth tub, this mom gave birth in her bathtub with help from dad, and the photographer captured the moment from inside the shower stall.