This Is What Happens When Your Kid Falls Asleep on Santa's Lap

There's something hilarious about those popular pictures of kids crying over a visit to Santa Claus (don't they know this is the guy with all the presents?!), but truly, nothing beats a sweet shot of a little boy or girl perched on Santa's lap. That's why this particular image — which has resurfaced after first going viral in 2015 — has us in the Christmas spirit.

While waiting in line to tell Kris Kringle what he wants under his tree, a little boy from Evansville, IN, fell asleep. When it was the sleeping child's turn, Santa himself had an idea — instead of waking the boy, he staged a sweet shot in which they both fell asleep sprawled out on an oversize green velvet chair while reading the classic holiday book The Night Before Christmas.

According to one of his parents who posted the resulting photos on Facebook, "Santa asked us not to wake him, and the outcome was the cutest thing I've ever seen."

We couldn't agree more.