Pink's Most Relatable Parenting Moments That Have Us Slow-Clapping

Pink isn't just a talented singer; she's also a devoted mother of two who happens to be insanely relatable. The artist and her husband, Carey Hart, are the proud parents to 7-year-old daughter, Willow, and 1-year-old son, Jameson, and despite their celebrity status, it's easy to see that Pink is just like every mom.

From the time she showed how breastfeeding looks different with your second child to when she announced that she was normal for not losing any baby weight six weeks postbirth, these are 14 of Pink's most lovable mom moments.


When she breastfed her son on a hike.

On a hike with her family, Pink took a quick snap to share that 4-month-old Jameson needed a midactivity snack. "Hiking makes us thirsty!" the relatable mom captioned her adorable photo.


When she shut down weight "standards" postbaby.

The candid mom posted a gym selfie with an encouraging caption after having her second child. "Would you believe I'm 160 pounds and 5'3"? By 'regular standards' that makes me obese," she wrote. "I know I'm not at my goal or anywhere near it after Baby 2, but dammit I don't feel obese. The only thing I'm feeling is myself. Stay off that scale ladies!"


When she remarked on how "different" her space looks these days.

Kid. Toys. Everywhere.


When she finally got one kid's fever down, just to notice the other kid has one.


When She Mastered the Art of Breastfeeding and Toddler Snuggles

Pink got cozy with Willow while breastfeeding 2-month-old Jameson. "I was dead ― I came alive. I was tears ― I became laughter, Love's wealth arrived, And I became Everlasting fortune," she wrote.


When She Celebrated Being "Normal" After Not Losing Any Baby Weight Six Weeks Postbirth

"Week six post baby and I haven't lost ANY WEIGHT YET!!!!" she captioned a selfie taken on her first day back at the gym postbaby. "Yaye me!!!!! I'm normal!"


When Her Little One Started Copying Everything Mommy Does

"Willow's doll baby has a pregnancy pillow too," she wrote.


When Her Heart Exploded the First Time She Saw Her Newborn

Jameson Moon Hart was born on Dec. 26, 2016 and the mom couldn't be more excited to welcome him to their family.


When She Told Her Kiddo a Small Lie Solely For Giggles

"I told Willow I was turning into Shrek. She actually believed me and got super worried and told me to stop it before it was too late. Parenting is fun," she wrote.


When She Wasn't Afraid to Admit That Her Bump Won

"When microwaving your decaf coffee becomes an excuse to sit on the floor and rest for a while," she explained.


When Seeing Her Husband With Her Baby Made Her Love Him Even More

"I love my baby daddy," she lovingly captioned this sweet snapshot.


When She Got an Early Start Preparing Willow For the Arrival Of Her New Sibling

Willow was practicing for her baby brother with a few dry runs.


When She Set Up Pinterest-Worthy Baby Photos


When She Was Using Google and WebMD to Fuel Her Irrational Worrying

"It's very possible I read too much. I'm no longer allowed on WebMD either. I should just walk around with a thermometer in my mouth like a toothpick," she explained.


When She Couldn't Make It Out of the Craft Store Without Blowing the Budget

Some moms fall pray to Target, and for others, Michaels is their weakness. "Oh lordy this place kills me every time #craftjunky," she wrote.


When She Couldn't Get Over How Lucky She Is For Both Her Mom and Daughter

"Three generations of the same nose," she captioned the photo.


When Her Photo Was Photobombed by a Small Child — and It Was Still Perfect

"You guys are super cute but you're blocking my sunset picture 😉," she joked.


When her "me" time was interrupted by a needy toddler.

But honestly, who could say no to that little face?


When She Had Her Priorities Straight When It Came to Pumping

Her hilarious caption read: "When you're almost done pumping and you know what's next."