Pixar Released a Short Film About a Stray Cat Befriending an Abused Pit Bull, So Get Ready to Cry at Your Desk

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Pixar has a pretty impressive track record for making audiences cry, but it has truly outdone itself by achieving full-scale weeps in a matter of mere minutes with the animation studio's new short film, Kitbull. The film — a production of Pixar's new SparkShorts program — tells a tearjerking story of an "unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures" under dire circumstances. A fiercely independent stray kitten happens upon an abused Pit Bull, and as director Rosana Sullivan said, "together, they experience friendship for the first time."

It's simple and sweet, but — through a few startling scenes — it also makes a powerful statement about the treatment of animals, and it might even open up more meaningful conversations about the reputation of Pit Bulls being an aggressive and dangerous breed.

At the end of this nine-minute video, you'll certainly find yourself wiping away tears, and regardless of whether you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person, it will reaffirm your love of all animals and make you hug your own pets a bit tighter tonight.